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How to receive free two days of subscription by making videos

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Looking for a free subscription time? No problem, if you have video editing skills you can record your gameplay and upload it to your channel, by doing this you will earn free two days extension to your subscription time.

Requirements and rules:
1. Minimum video length 3:10 minutes.
2. Decent video editing skills present in the video.
3. Proper video title and tags.
4. Eye catching youtube thumbnail.
5. 187ci watermark/text present on the video.
6. Upload video to YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.
7. Create a ticket in Account Support & Help | Поддержка и помощь section:

In your ticket please write:
Thread title: Free subscription days by doing video
User login: myforumslogin
YouTube link to video:
Dailymotion link to video:
Vimeo link to video:
Upload your video to Hosting link:
Allowing us to use your video for 187ci promotion: Yes

Edit: Yes, you can upload videos as many you want. That means you can have free months of subscription (basically free lifetime). The only thing you need to bear in mind is to keep the video quality high.
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